Massage Therapy

The focus of Massage Therapy is on the soft tissue of the body and the serenity of the mind. We work towards the relief of muscle tension pain and also relaxation of the body and mind. We use manual techniques along with hot and cold therapies to help the client maintain a relaxed feeling for a longer period of time.

Deep Tissue Massage

The focus of Deep Tissue Massage is the deeper muscles and fascia of the body. This is going to help release tension of the muscles by focusing pressure on particular area of the body. This type of massage is used to help restore function and motion of muscles and joints.

Trigger Point Therapy

Trigger points are spots in the muscle that are tensed up in one particular area. Trigger Point Therapy focuses on these specific points within the muscle. We work over the area to reduce the tension that occurs in these points. Many times these spots can cause a reduction in range of motion of a body part or muscle. Trigger points can also cause specific points of pain or pain that refers to another part of the body.

Sports Massage

Sports Massage helps prepare an athlete for an event. It can also be used for post-event, training, or as rehabilitative massage. All of these particular types of massage can help an athlete achieve the highest potential possible. Sports massage can help prevent injuries and aid a client with an injury.

Pregnancy Massage

Pregnancy Massage can help with relief from headaches, backaches, joint pain and insomnia. It can help to sooth nerves, reduce blood pressure and help manage varicose veins during the pregnancy. While in the postpartum stages, massage can help facilitate emotional and hormonal adjustments, promote structural realignment. Massage can help a mother deal with the new physical and mental demands a new child brings.

Hot Stone Massage

Hot Stone Massage incorporates a combination of heated stones and massage. This can help to increase blood flow through the body and helps to flush out waste products and toxins in the body. With the increase in circulation there are more nutrients transferred throughout the body. Hot Stone Massage can be one of the most relaxing massages offered. We offer a 90 minute full body Hot Stone Massage for the client to experience the full effect.