OSPTI offers multiple services for businesses to ensure a safe work environment. If you are interested in any of the services listed below please call us at (218)-641-7725.

What do we offer?

Pre-Employment Screens

A pre-employment screen is used to identify an applicant’s ability to perform the physical demands of a specific job. Employees are instructed in proper body mechanics, essential job functions, and the amount of weight lifted on the job.

Functional Capacity Evaluation (FCE)

A Functional Capacity Evaluation (FCE) is a comprehensive functional test designed to measure the maximum safe functional abilities of an employee across a broad range of physical capabilities. Due to the use of standardized equipment, these evaluations are performed at OSPTI. FCE’s are used to better understand complex cases, extended disability duration, or for vocational planning. A FCE is used toward the end of worker’s compensation cases to assist in helping with return to full duty decisions.

Our physical and occupational therapists are skilled at treating people with job-related injuries. They utilize similar guidelines to what is used to treat athletes with sports injuries, but with modifications based on their unique work environment. They understand the importance of getting injured employees back to work as soon as possible, but not so soon that they are unreasonably put at risk of re-injury. Return to work decisions are made easier by identifying “critical demands” and assessing the client’s “workability” or the ability to perform these tasks safely.

Ergonomic Assessment

An ergonomic assessment will include an initial assessment, which involves looking at the overall posture of employees while working. Our therapists will then determine risk factors, which include repetitive movement, forces, contact stress, static loading and environmental factors, and poor lighting. We will then modify work conditions to fit employees needs, as well as recommend job modifications.

WorkWell Certified Therapists

We have several therapists that are WorkWell Certified. Meaning that any of our therapists can perform Functional Capactiy Evaluations (FCE) as well as create Functional Job Analyses (FJA) and Functional Job Descriptions (FJD). FJA is the process of evaluating and measuring functional demands of the job. FJD is based on the information gathered during the FJA, and is used to create specific & appropriate pre-work screens, work match screens, as well as assisting in return-to-work decisions.

Workforce Safety and Insurance Provider

Ergonomic Initiative Program

Approximately 35% of all claims filed can be traced back to poor ergonomics at the desk or within an industrial setting. What typically begins as minor aches or pains, if ignored, has potential to develop into costly claims. This proactive program offers employers resources and financial assistance to help in reducing or eliminating cumulative-type injuries at the workplace.

Ergonomic Grant Program

Workforce Safety and Insurance (WSI) introduced the Ergonomic Grant Program in August 2009. WSI wants to help North Dakota employers reduce the frequency of ergonomic related injuries in the workplace by increasing worker training and safety through the Ergonomic Initiative Program.

WSI is offering financial assistance for the purchase of ergonomic equipment by those North Dakota employers participating in the Ergonomic Initiative Program. Grants range from $5,000 to $50,000 depending on WSI yearly premium amounts.

Click here for more information on the WSI Grant Program.

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